Sidekick Hitt Towel 3-pack

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Sidekick Hitt Gym Towel 3-pack

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Get 3 and save! The Sidekick is as simple as it looks. It's designed to fit securely at your side to help you stay cool and dry as you sweat it all out.

Why choose the Sidekick Towel?

  • Tuck it in your waistband and go
  • Great for cardio, HIIT work, boxing, and more
  • Easily wipe your face or equipment to stay dry and comfortable
  • Small pocket holds keys or other small items
  • Hang tab makes it easy to hang anywhere
  • 100% Premium Turkish Cotton for a soft, plush feel
  • Made in the USA and Turkey

Keep your towels in rotation and never be without:

  • Keep a clean towel in your car or gym bag
  • Keep a clean one at home to grab when you get back 
  • Put your dirty towel in the laundry basket