Gym Shower Towel 3-Pack


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Gym Shower Towel 3-Pack Save 10% on this deal.

Buy 3 and save! When your workout is over, get clean and dry with our ultra-absorbent shower towel. Designed to wrap around your entire body, it's perfect for after the shower or on the beach.

Why try our Shower Towels?

  • Extra-large & extra-cozy at 19 inches x 54 inches
  • Wraps around your whole body for shower or beach use
  • Use the hang tab for convenient access and drip-drying
  • 100% Premium Turkish Cotton provides a soft, plush feel
  • Made in the USA and Turkey
Keep your towels in rotation and never be without:
  • Keep a clean towel in your car or gym bag
  • Keep a clean one at home to grab when you get back 
  • Put your dirty towel in the laundry basket